The initial visit is 90-105 minutes (120 minutes for Facial Rejuvenation), and includes a thorough health history and overview of your present condition. We may discuss your digestion, sleep, lifestyle, diet, stress and exercise. A physical examination is conducted and your pulse and tongue examined according to the Chinese Medicine diagnostic system. Together we will determine a treatment strategy that best suits your individual needs and condition. Once a thorough intake has been completed, the remaining time will be devoted to treatment. Treatment itself includes Acupuncture, Therapeutic Bodywork and other modalities as appropriate. To maximize time for your first visit, please download the New Patient Form, fill out at home, and bring to your appointment. Also, please bring with you any relevant medical test results, such as lab work, MRI reports, etc.


A typical follow-up visit lasts 75min  (90 minutes for Facial Rejuvenation). For best results, Acupuncture and Positional Release Therapy are integrated together. Additional therapies such a Cupping, Gua Sha, Therapeutic Exercises & Nutritional Counseling may be included as appropriate.


A one-on-one Breathwork session begins with a brief conversation and a check-in about where you feel blocked, and what you’d like to let go of. You will be taught the breathing technique, and then you’ll actively breathe for about 30-35min. While you’re breathing the space will be cleansed and essential oils may be applied if appropriate for you. Afterwards, you’ll have 10-15min of relaxation with more passive breathing. You will be guided and supported through the entire process.

As you activate your energy centers you may experience some tingling, vibration or areas of restriction or tightness. Some may experience a heart opening, leading to a feeling of gratitude and self-love. Working through blockages can also cause emotional releases. Many also experience bouts of creativity or a deeper connection to intuition.



Acupuncture + Manual Therapy (90-100 min) – $275
Constitutional Facial Acupuncture + Gua Sha/Facial Cupping (120 min) $300

Follow up:
Acupuncture + Manual Therapy (60-75 min) – $200
Constitutional Facial Acupuncture + Gua Sha/Facial Cupping (90 min) $250

One-on-One Breathwork session (75 min) – $200

Cupping/ Gua Sha (30 min) – $75

Herbs and Supplements as appropriate – varies, typical range $10-$40

For patients without insurance, I offer pre-paid packages after your initial visit. Please inquire for more information.



Our clinic is currently in network with Cigna, Blue Shield of California (Non-ASH plans) and Veteran’s Affairs (VA). We also accept worker’s compensation cases and plans with out-of-network coverage. If you have a PPO plan with a carrier not listed above or unsure of your coverage simply reach out to us and we will check for you. We will verify your insurance information before your first visit. Payment is due at time of service or until benefits are verified. If determined that patient has coverage, payment will be reimbursed or applied towards future visits.



Acupuncture is an approved therapy for all FSH/HSA accounts. Please bring your debit/credit card to your office visit. If you don’t have one your practitioner will provide you with an itemized bill (super bill) which you can submit for full reimbursement.



As a courtesy to our waitlisted patients, please give us at least 48 hours notice should you need to change or cancel your appointment. All appointments missed or not cancelled within this time frame will be charged in full.

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